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Please observe the following rules


Use of the shooting range facilities is prohibited after 9:00 PM or sunset  (which ever is first) until the following morning at 8:00 AM


Observe and obey our range safety rules


  1. Wear eye and hearing protection while shooting or in near proximity to the firing line.
  2. This applies to all persons on the firing line including spectators.
  3.  Firearms are to be loaded at the firing line only.
  4.  Communicate your intentions clearly to the other shooters on the firing line.
  5. Verify all firearms are down and clear before anyone proceeds downrange.
  6. Firearms are rested on the rifle rack with actions open.

Please  remove all of your targets and clean up when you leave.

Do not use glass bottles, plastic bottles, pop cans or tin cans as targets.


No alcohol to be consumed on grounds.