Welcome to the Terrace Rod & Gun Club

2017 Memberships can now be purchased more easily. We have now added two new ways to get them.

You can now pick yours up at the Terrace Canadian tire store as well as on here  ( Click here to get your 2017 Memberships ).  You can still buy them at Misty River Tackle & Hunting or from the caretakers residence at the range as well.

Eighteen men and women braved the cold this past weekend to compete in the annual snow snake pistol shoot. In the end William Dehoog came out the champion. Good times and a lot of enjoyment was had by all.


The land and range at the Rod & Gun Club in Terrace became the Rod & Gun Club in 1953. Since then the members have not only enjoyed shooting across all the major disciplines, and fishing, but have hosted and contributed to many community events and causes.

Members and non-members alike are welcome to browse the site and discover more about the club, its history the events and shooting disciplines and the ways the Rod & Gun Club give back to the local environment, the local community and its residents.

The Rod & Gun Club take responsibility for the conservation and preservation of local streams and salmon habitats, we have recently been awarded a grant for work on local stewardship, education and habit restoration around Terrace.

In 2010 the club hosted the Winter Olympic Biathlon event in a purposely developed set of trails for the event still readily used and enjoyed by members today and annually hold the Rod & Gun Club Mountain Bike Biathlon whose participants range from 8 to adult.

Firearm safety, both within the club grounds and the community is paramount to the club. The club regularly welcome children’s and youth groups including the Scouts and Guides for educational and information sessions.

Conservation and Outdoor Recreation (CORE) courses are taught by club members, conservation officers, biologists, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and volunteers who look to impart their knowledge to future generations.

The Rod & Gun Club are proud supporters of Helping Hands, Riverboat Days and hosts to “Kids N Kops” to name a few.

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